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Going through a divorce can be emotional and overwhelming. You don't want to figure out the legal system on top of everything else going on. That's where Carpenter & Judd Attorneys and Counselors can help. We'll provide you with a skilled divorce attorney in Grand Rapids, MI.

We'll help you through every part of the process, from dividing your assets and debts to figuring out a custody plan for your kids. You can trust we'll always do what's in your best interest, whether that means coming to an agreement with your ex-spouse or bringing the case to court. Talk to our divorce attorney today to get started.

Going further than traditional divorces

Just because you're splitting from your partner, doesn't mean you need to go through a lengthy court battle. Our team has also worked on:

Legal separations
Collaborative divorces
Contested and uncontested dissolution actions

No matter what your situation is, you can trust us to help. Set up an appointment with our annulment or collaborative divorce attorney today.