Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Many couples filing for divorce in Michigan are terrified that the process, is long difficult and filled with conflict, but it does not have to be.

During the collaborative process, the parties and their attorneys actively negotiate a settlement with the help of one and sometimes multiple "neutral" professionals. These can come in the forms of a divorce coach, a financial neutral, and a child focused neutral. Some cases need one or all three, but even that is decided by the couple.

Collaborative divorce can be a wonderful alternative for couples determined to avoid formal litigation. But this is not for everyone as the couple must commit to reaching a mutually agreeable resolution. Although it is not for everyone, the benefits can be far reaching.

One benefit that comes time and again is the growing ability for the parties to communicate with each other long after the divorce is complete, this is especially important when the couple has children.

Even if no children are present the collaborative divorce has an added benefit of privacy. Proceedings before the court are "open." That means that anyone can pull your file and read all of the pleadings that are filed. In a collaborative divorce, minimal pleadings are filed, and those are only the ones necessary to establish things such as jurisdiction and the bare minimum requirements as established by law.